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From the newest trends in home furnishing to the latest happenings at Yeodano, discover it all here. Innovative designs cleverly combining practical functionality with aesthetic sensibilities. No matter what your preference may be, Yeodano offers a collection of design styles to furnish every lifestyle.

Yeodano's Heritage

In 1999, Yeodano was born out of a dream to furnish homes with luxurious comfort which Inspired by Mr Yeo Fui Chong, Marketing Director, along with his business partner, Mr Yeo Fui Tong. Today, we are one of the region’s leading furnishing brands, supplying bed frames and sofas to retailers around the world. Everyone deserves to enjoy the simplest pleasure in life C the luxury and comfort of home.

As a leading furnishing brand, Yeodano introduced Malaysian local bedding brand BeddingSolutions which riches the brand line and product line. Yeodano is involved in design, manufacture, and other comprehensive teams. Since Yeodano's inception, the company has flourished and left its footprint around the world.

Today, a manufacturing plant in Malaysia supplies bed frames and sofas to major retailers in, Australia, Brunei, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Uganda, the UK and Vietnam.

The Pursuit of Quality

At Yeodano, we strive to deliver the highest quality possible. Our skilled and professional craftsmen from 4 divisions C Design, Frame, Sewing and Upholstering, and Quality Control ensure that meticulous attention is paid even to the smallest details. At every stage of production, our quality control division ensures stringent adherence to design and measurement standards.In the relentless pursuit of quality, Yeodano’s commitment to stringent quality control has enabled the company to obtain the prestigious ISO9001: 2008 qualification. We use Serafil, a special polyester thread imported from Germany, which is strong enough to withstand expansion in hot climates and contraction in cold weathers. Every button on our furniture is individually hand sewed to ensure the right amount of tension to enhance its design.

Additional cotton material is used to double line the stitches, ensuring durability. Should the stitching wear out after prolonged usage; the cotton material prevents the stitches from tearing further.


A Passion for Innovation

Our fervent passion for creativity drives us to constantly seek new ideas and improve our products. Our in-house research & development department keeps abreast of evolving consumer needs, while our team of designers, led by a Japanese designer, pushes the limits of creativity to develop innovative products that marry form and function.

A Wealth of Materials

In our pursuit of quality, we scour the world for the finest materials. Our leather and fabrics are specially selected and imported from Italy, Brazil, Korea and Thailand. Tropical species of insect-resistant hard wood, Kapur and Keruing, are used in our bed frames to ensure greater durability. All materials used in our furniture can meet the industry standards expected from demanding markets such as the UK and Japan.

Kapur and Keruing produce a distinctive natural scent that repels insects including termites. Hence, unlike other types of wood, there is no need to soak the Kapu and Keruning in chemicals. Working on hard wood also demands precise nail incisions and ‘clean’ cutting of joints, while joint fits are also sturdier.

Cutting-edge Technology

Yeodano insists on the highest-grade machines to maintain stringent quality control. Using original Durkopp Adler sewing machines imported from Germany, and Mitsubish from Japan, each stitch is precisely and flawlessly sewn. Combined with high quality Serafil thread from Germany, the stitches are more durable, remaining tight and firm for the entire product life. Should the stitches need to be removed for alteration, they can be neatly redone without signs of material fatigue. In constructing the wooden frame, Holzher CNC milling machines, also imported from Germany, ensures the precision of every hole drilled. The result is sturdier joints and longer lasting furniture.

Our Warranty

    All our furniture comes with a one-year warranty against any defects in the wooden frame.Taking care of leather;
  • Do not expose to sunlight.
  • Do not dry wet areas with a hair dryer
  • Do not place too near heating sources.
  • Clean leather only with a mild, detergent-free cleaner. Avoid soap as it may cause discoloration.
  • Remove dry dirt by sponging gently with a soft cleaner on a damp cloth until all dirt is absorbed.
  • To clean liquid spills, do not rub the leather. Wipe spills immediately with a clean, absorbent cloth or sponge. If necessary, sponge gently with a mild cleaner on a damp cloth. Let the area air dry naturally.
  • For stubborn stains, use a mild non-detergent cleaner. Apply to a clean wet sponge and gently dab the spot. Go over with cloth dipped in warm water.
  • For oil stains, wipe grease off with a clean dry cloth. Leave it alone as the spot should dissipate into the leather. Do not apply water or try to wash the grease spot.