BeddingSolutions Benefits of latex

BeddingSolutions brand originated in Malaysia and is a bedding brand focusing on latex sleeping products.

With the popularity of natural latex, various products made of natural latex have gradually entered the bedding market. So what are the characteristics of natural latex used in BeddingSolutions?

Now, let's introduce the characteristics of natural latex pillow! Latex is something we often meet in our life, such as ''pacifiers for children, gloves for doctors in surgery'' and so on. Latex is a natural, healthy and hygienic product because it does not cause allergy and is naturally antibacterial.

1. Naturality: Natural latex is refined from oak milk. It is mild in gel and skin-friendly, which can naturally relieve fever. It is completely pollution-free and can be decomposed in nature by itself. Because it is not a chemical product, it will not cause environmental pollution, so it meets the requirements of environmental protection!

2. Anti-mite, antibacterial, dust-proof, mildew-proof, static-free, and allergy-proof: Latex can effectively inhibit the latent of germs and allergens, inhibit the breeding of mites, and is dustproof, mildew-proof, and static-free. It is most suitable for people with asthma and allergic rhinitis, and also has a certain preventive effect on diseases such as skin allergy and bronchitis. 

3. Soft, frankincense, high elasticity: Latex is soft and elastic, moderate in hardness, and not easy to deform, emitting a faint natural frankincense. The comfortable feeling is like touching the skin, which can effectively improve the quality of sleep. 

4. Air permeability, moisture removal and support: Because when we sleep for a long time, the air permeability, moisture removal and support of the material are the most important. Latex has excellent air permeability and moisture discharge, which can help you emit excess heat and moisture during sleep, keep your head and body fresh, and effectively reduce the number of turn-overs during sleep. And its high elasticity, never hardening, never deforming, even pressure relief and other characteristics also determine its unparalleled support and comfort. Every inch of your skin will completely feel the special elasticity of latex, which has elasticity but no pressure, and won't cause the disadvantages of getting harder and harder. It can effectively ensure the blood circulation of the human head and make the bones of the body fully stretched!

5. Promote human microcirculation and blood circulation: The special design of latex bedding can fully improve the microcirculation of human brain, neck and other places, and relieve the pain, dizziness, neurasthenia, insomnia and other symptoms caused by scapulohumeral periarthritis and cervical spondylosis, which has preventive and auxiliary therapeutic effects.

6. Ergonomic: It is designed by orthopedic specialists according to the principle of human spine engineering and conforms to the curve of human body. With it, it is equivalent to having the toplevel sleep system that is the most ergonomic and conforms to the natural ecology in the world today.

7. Long service life: In the case of correct use, natural latex is durable for more than 10-15 years, and its functional properties remain unchanged. Because its fine foamed natural latex can keep elasticity unchanged for a long time, so the service life is particularly long! One investment, longterm feedback!

8. High conformability: Pure natural latex has extremely high conformability and fine elasticity, which can transform the weight pressure of human body into a soft and comfortable close fit, making people fall asleep easily. Especially for pregnant women, the elderly and the children!

9. Will not interfere with each other: Under the easy support of millions of bubbles, even if you roll over on the mattress, it will not affect the people sleeping with you, which is something that ordinary mattresses can never do!

10. Ultra-quiet, anti-static: Natural latex mattress can absorb the noise and vibration caused by turnovers during sleep, so that you will not be disturbed during sleep, and you will not affect your sleeping companions, and it can effectively reduce the number of turn-overs, so that you can sleep soundly and sweetly. Latex can effectively prevent the formation of magnetic field and achieve complete insulation and antistatic。

22 Apr 2022