BeddingSolutions is all about quality sleep.

Speaking of sleep products, you definitely think of pillows, bedding and mattresses. However, there are many kinds of mattresses on the market at present, such as spring mattresses, palm mattresses, latex mattresses, air mattresses and water mattresses, etc., which have already attracted people's attention. All major brands are also filled with each other, and people are not short of choices. However, the reason why BeddingSolutions latex mattress has attracted the attention of the industry and become an expert in solving sleeping bedding is that it has devoted the efforts of designers and R&D teams, and it is a genuine and ingenious boutique.

We spend at least one-third of our life in bed, but it is too difficult for each of us to sleep well. The importance of sleeping is self-evident, and good sleep requires the following factors:

1. Comfort

Sleep means more than rest. Sleep is an indispensable time. Our bodies are undergoing routine maintenance and repair during this time. Sleep is good for people's health. After seven to nine hours' sleep, the body and mind will be able to meet the new day's work in a good state. Choosing a good mattress is the basic requirement for sleeping. So what is a good mattress? Simply put, what suits you is the best.

Different sleeping habits need different types of mattresses to be more comfortable. For example, when lying on one's side, the spine should be kept straight, and the ideal mattress should let the shoulders and hips sink into it, such as a partition mattress. People lying on the side should also choose a high pillow in order to achieve the most comfortable state. People who sleep on their backs need special support at the waist. A hard mattress can prevent these parts of the body from getting too stuck in the mattress. At this time, a pillow of medium height can help the people who sleep on their backs enjoy a more comfortable sleep. When you lie on your stomach, the neck and waist need the support of a hard mattress, and the people who sleep on their stomachs are suitable to choose a low pillow, which helps to relieve neck pressure and muscle tension.

The latex material used in BeddingSolutions is a soft and flexible material, which has the characteristics of shape retention and recovery. The latex mattress accurately supports all parts of the body and performs well in the average pressure distribution. Latex can effectively absorb the shock caused by body movements. Some latex mattresses are also divided into different comfort zones to relieve the pressure caused by the heaviest body parts on the bed. Natural materials have excellent microenvironment attributes and excellent comfort attributes.

2. Health

The so-called health is to consider the health of mattress materials. Have you considered whether the mattress materials on the market are healthy? This is an important factor related to the health degree in the later use process. According to the current choice of materials, only latex exists as a pure natural product.

Natural latex is refined from oak milk. It is mild in gel and skin-friendly, which can naturally relieve fever. It is completely pollution-free and can be decomposed in nature by itself. It is not a chemical product that will not cause environmental pollution, so it meets the requirements of environmental protection!

People will constantly discharge sweat stains during natural sleep, and these sweat stains will be immersed in the mattress during sleep. The ventilation and air permeability of latex completely solves this problem. Latex has excellent air permeability and moisture discharge, which can help you emit excess heat and moisture during sleep, not only keeping your head and body fresh, but also ensuring the hygiene of the mattress.

The latex used in BeddingSolutions is all from Malaysia, and has obtained the ECO certification, which is the EU ecological certification mark. The certification authority is the EU ecological certification committee. Through this certification, it means that the products sold by this company will not cause harm to the ecological environment from design to production, sales, use and the whole life cycle until the final waste treatment. Health and sanitary performance are the highest, which is in line with BeddingSolutions' concept of healthier and more environmentally friendly bedding.

3. Environmental protection

In modern society, human beings have tortured the earth into darkness for their own benefit, and her coat has been covered with gray, so everyone began to call for the protection of the earth, greens environmental protection, low-carbon life, and a comfortable living environment for human beings. All the natural colors of the blue sky, white clouds, green hills and clear water have become the yearning of modern urbanites. We are eager for green and natural food, fresh and natural air, and a comfortable and healthy living environment.

BeddingSolutions' sleeping products are superior in environmental protection, breaking the traditional technology of mattress adhesive. All latex adopts natural sewing method, and the concept of formaldehyde is zero. Not only that, BeddingSolutions provides a 10-year warranty service to ensure the interests of consumers.

BeddingSolutions always adheres to the attitude of excellence in every process and every product, and firmly believes that good products can have a good market. Its unique quality inspection system strictly controls every process, advocates the concept of green, adopts natural materials, and provides consumers with healthy and beneficial products. The products we made are more comfortable, healthier and more environmentally friendly, which will take you to experience the journey of healthy sleep. Everything is just for quality sleep!

22 Apr 2022